Pangean Empire

Official Government Page of the Pangean Empire

Constitutional Rights

1. All rights are available for refugees or citizens over the age of 16.
2. Citizenship is available to all locals of Imperial Territories and Refugees.
3. Right to freedom from slavery or sevitude.
4. Right to vote in elections.
5. Right to peaceful association.
6. Right to be free of torture.
7. Right to non-destructive speech.
8. Right to equality.
9. Right to buy and own property.
10. Right to be free from unreasonable arrest.
11. Right to fair trial.

Government Structure

All territories are commonwealth states of the Pangean Empire and must follow the constitutional rights of the Empire. At the head of the commonwealth states is the Emperor who (with his cabinet) holds the nation together by handling constitutional affairs, foreign affairs, and affairs of the Empire as a whole. Below the emperor is the local and regional governments. If a territory is not administered, it will be directly administered by the Emperor and Cabinet.

The Emperor:

The Emperor is Andrew Scott Edwards (b. April 6, 1992). He was raised in the United States of America, but holds no sway or bias towards the USA. The Emperor is neutral in political affiliations and in foreign affairs. Though he does not publicly tell his religion (to hold no bias or sway), he does say he is a monotheist decended from Abraham. The Emperor as the Head of State is the Commander-in-Chief of the Auxiliary Army and the Dangerous Weapons Corps. The throne is hereditary, but the cabinet and representatives choose which decendant (child, grandchild, or sibling) will become the next Emperor.

Local and Regional Government:

These are the existing local governments (city, town, state, or province) and other governments that are popularly determined as fair and supportive to the people. The decision of who is the Imperial Territorial Government is based on the Emperor's and the happiness/vote of the people. Existing governments who's power is not extended outside of that territory is kept in tact by the Imperial Government.


We are currently looking for ambassadors around the world. To qualify as an ambassador of the pangean Empire you must sign a document saying you will uphold the constitution of the Pangean Empire and respect the soverignty of the Pangean Empire and H.I.M. Andrew Edwards, you must have some status in the nation you will represent us in (community leader, church leader, military, or politician... you are NOT swearing loyalty to us, so it is leagl), and you must live in a national or provincial Capital. What will be required of you is to speak about the Empire to public or government, to send emails or write letters representing us to your nation, and to all around promote the country to your nation. You will be required to inform us on what steps are being taken and if we feel you are not doing your job, you will be terminated as ambassador. If you are intrested email us at:

As ambassador you will not have international status or ambassadoral rights as we are a largely unrecognized and unrepresented nation. If you want these rights, help us become recognized. All ambassadors will get an Ambassador Identification Card.