Pangean Empire

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Pangean Territory - Asia

The Pangean Empire holds many territories around the world and works to build them up socially and economically. These lands may have been part of conflict, dispute, harrasment, have no administration, or be refugee stricken. We will only administer and claim territories that are not administered or largely claimed by China, Russia, France, United States of America, United Kingdom, Israel, Palestine, Holy See, North Korea, South Korea, or bodies of water. Below is the current claimed and represented territories of the Pangean Empire including reason:

Spratly Islands, South China Sea, Asia - 6 claims over this territory, and no administration (this excludes all islands exclusivly claimed by China).

Katchatheevu Island, Between India and Sri Lanka, Asia - both nations claim this island, neither do any administration, and there are many Tamil refugees in the area.

 Kashmir, Between India Pakistan China and Afghanistan, Asia - Claimed by these 4 countries, home to lots of tensions and warfare, and many refugees in the area (we respect China's control over Aksai Chin).

Tunbs Islands and Abu Musa, Straight of Hormuz, Asia - These islands are claimed by the United Arab Emirates and Iran, and conrol of these islands poses a threat to the straight of Hormuz.

Fergana Valley, between Uzbekistan Tajikistan and Kyrgystan, Asia - 3 way territorial dispute.


Hala'ib and Bir Tawil, Between Egypt and Sudan, Africa - Dispute between 2 countries, many refugees in the area, conflict in Sudan.

Western Sahara, South of Morrocco, West Africa - Claimed by Spain Morrocco and the Sarawi Arab Democratic Republic, many refugees  and conflict in the area.

Caprivi Strip, North East Namibia, Africa - Claimed by Namibia Botswana Zambia and Angola, lots of refugees and conflict in the area.

Banc du Geysir, Mozambique Channel, Africa - Claimed by 3 countries, has no administration.


Other Territories

Sapodilla Cayes, Gulf of Honduras, Central America - Claimed by Belize Guatamala and Honduras causing 3 way dispute.

Bajo Nuevo Bank (Petrol Islands), Caribbean Sea - Claimed by 4 countries, creating a 4 way conflict.

Antarctica - Claimed by several countries, no administration, widespread comercialization.